Software Development

We are specialized on developing highly scaleable cloud solutions on the Microsoft platform. Our deep knowledge of the complete Azure Service Platform allows us to carefuly architecture, design and develop the right solution for you and your customers. Additional we are building all kind of software solutions on request.
In-Depth expertises with

  1. Azure Active Directory
  2. Azure Web App Development (WebApp, Functions,...)
  3. Deployment Scripts with PowerShell and ARM Templates
  4. Stream Analytics
  5. IOT/Event-Hub
  6. Service-Bus
  7. CosmosDB
  8. API Management Implementations
  9. Azure Service Fabric
  10. Media Services mit CDN
  11. Cognitive Services


We use Scrum the framework for our development. A certified Scrum Master from our team can coach your software projects that struggle with the implementation of Scrum.


Training course - Azure CosmosDB

Learn how to leverage Microsoft's NoSQL database service CosmosDB

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